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Have you heard about Isfahan? Attractions of Isfahan, travelling to Isfahan or Ancient monumnets of this city...

After Tehran and Mashhad, Isfahan is the most populated city of Iran. In respect of tourist attractions, it has a special position among other cities in respect of its ancient history. It had been the capital of Iran in different eras. A significant number of monuments are located in Isfahan. Isfahan is famous for its magnificent Islamic architecture.

If you like to reserve Iran hotels, you should note that all of the best hotels of Iran are not just part of Tehran hotels or Shiraz hotels. Also Isfahan hotels are good and have well equiped.

"Naqsh-e Jahan” or “Imam” Square

"Naqsh-e Jahan” or “Imam” Square in one of the largest squares in the world and is a good example of Islamic architecture which has been registered in UNESCO. It is the venue for many national and religious ceremonies. “Alighapoo” mansion, “Imam” mosque, “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque and “Gheysariye” market entrance are placed in this square. Shops on the square and “Gheysariye” old market are best places to buy handicrafts and souvenir. “Imam” mosque has remained from Safavid era in Iran. “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque is known as one of the most beautiful monuments in the world and it was built on the orders of Shah Abbas in the reign of the Safavids. “Alighapoo” mansion is located opposite to “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque. This mansion has not only aesthetic value, but also acoustic value because of circular niches.

For our programms and tours of Iran for showing Iran attractions to tourists, you can see our Attractionlist page.


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Generally speaking, Iran is a fantastic country. You can travel to Iran whenever in the year you desire. It is you that should make your decision about the time of your travel. For doing this, first of all, you have to specify the aim of your travel to Iran and then choose the cities you mostly like to visit. Here you can find some suggestions for making better decision regarding the time for travelling to different cities of Iran and book best Iran hotel's online.(hotel Tehran)

Iran is a four-season country with moderate weather in most months. Anytime you enter Iran, you can enjoy the variety of climates.
All-told, spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to visit Iran. In these two seasons, the weather is too mild and you can travel to any cities of Iran and enjoy the exquisite weather. April and May are during the springtime in Iran and the weather is inimitable during these two months for nature lovers. The trees are full of blossom and the sweet aroma can be smelled everywhere. Shiraz, Kashan, Isfahan and Tehran are amongst top destinations we suggest you to visit during these months. From early May to mid-June, a ceremony of making rose water is held in Kashan. This ceremony is very attractive for tourists and every year lots of foreign tourists come to Iran to witness this traditional rite. In Kashan and Isfahan you can make your travel more memorable by staying in traditional houses and hotels.( iran hotel )

In summer the weather is hot in southern cities. However, it is a good time for traveling to the Northern and North-west cities of Iran which have pleasant weather in this season. In these cities you can stay either in luxury hotels or on hotels in the form of wooden cottages in the heart of jungles.
If your destination is azure coasts and beautiful islands of Persian Gulf, the best time to travel is from the beginning of October to the end of March. At this time, the weather is too pleasant in southern cities.

As you know, the central part of Iran is covered with deserts. If you are amongst people interested in trekking in deserts, do not miss autumn to visit Iran deserts, because in this season the weather is not too hot during the daytime and also is not too cold during nights. You cannot experience the silence of desert nights anywhere else. Your travel to desert will be more enjoyable by spending nights in old caravansaries which have become hotels for staying desert lovers.( hotel iran )

If you are one who enjoy skiing on high-grade ski resorts of Iran, December to early April will be a good time for your travel. Dizin ski complex which is located in Alborz Mountains, by having two hotels and several restaurants, is the first ski resort in Iran. In other ski resorts you can also stay at good hotels with appropriate welfare facilities.
We hope our suggestions be helpful for you.

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Yazd is 427 miles south of Tehran (Tehran Hotels are known as best Iran Hotel. Therefor if you like to travel to the capital city of Iran, stay in best hotels Iran (hotels Tehran) and enjoy visiting this amazing historically city) and midway located between Isfahan and Kerman. Yazd is well connected to the rest of the country by Planes, trains and buses.


People of Yazd province in Persian of spoken with some dialectal feature.


Before the arrival of Muslims in Iran, the people of Yazd were like Zoroastrians as well as of other parts of Iran with the extinction of the Sassanian rule in the first half of the Century. Most people in parts of Iran including Yazd Province, converted To Islamic religion, but some of them continued to pay royalties and remained Zoroastrians.

Climate of

Climate of Yazd province is two main causes of dryness. First, it is located on the Worlds dry belt, and is the far from the Omani and Persian Gulf and internal lakes and wetland winds.

Souvenirs and handicrafts

In addition to textiles and peculiarities of produce, special types of sweets are also provided Witch have many fans in all over the world and even around the world the main sweets in Yazd include Baklava, Pochtok , Lushnarigil , Promenx , Brass Bread, Haj Almond, Haj Pistachio and Haj Gharwo . Zolbia, Elephant Corners and a Variety of delicious, Deliciously cooked and Delicious sugary delicacies.

Top 10 Attraction Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Masque Of Yazd, Dowlat Abad Garden, Lariha House, Khan Bazaar, Alexander Prison, Zoroastrian Prison, Mountain Park Yazd, Yazd Water Museum, Shish badgiri ab anbar, Markar Clock Tower, Saadat Factory, ( tehran hotel Zanbil mill, Qasr-e- Ayeneh.

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Takht-e Jamshid” or “Persepolis” is the local name of the capital of Achaemenid empire, which in terms of vastity, glory and grandeur is the main ancient treasury remained from this era in Iran. The historical name of this place as cited on inscriptions of palaces is Parsa which means the city of Persian people. ( Iran Hotelbooking )

The Symbol of Iran Glory

Persepolis is located 57 KM away from Shiraz and it is actually a part of Marvdasht city. This artifact has been constructed in the mountain range of "Rahmat" which means "mercy" in Persian.

The construction process of Persepolis began in 512 BC under the command of Darius, the great and then

continued by his successors Xerxes the Great (Khashayarsha) and Artaxerxes I (Ardeshir- the first). Its construction lasted approximately 120 years. ( 5 star hotels in iran )

This precious complex is composed of these major parts:

- Official and ceremonial palaces

- Small private palaces

- Royal treasury

- Protective castles and walls

“Apadana” is the oldest palace of Persepolis. This palace was built by Darius, the great command and it was used for holding New Year celebrations and accepting representatives from affiliated countries.

“Tachara” which means winter house is also attributed to Darius and it was his private palace.

( Tehran hotels )

“Hadish” that means a high place had been the name of Xerxes palace which was built on the highest southern part of Persepolis. Xerxes named his palace “Hadish” as it was his wife name too.

In addition to the palaces listed here, there were some other palaces and buildings too.

Unfortunately in years after, Alexander, a Greek general officer assailed to Iran in 330 BC and burned this glorious place. However, the ruins of the royal kingdom of Darius is still one of the most attractive places at Fars province which attracts lots of foreign and domestic tourists annually to this district and UNESCO has registered the name of Persepolis amongst the world heritage sites from 1979.

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If you are trying to book hotel in Iran, (specialy reserve hotel in Tehran) you can visit many interesting tourist attractions and enjoy being there.(iran hotels)

Milad Tower (also known as the Tehran Tower) is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, (Capital city of Iran). It is the sixth tallest tower and also the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world.

It is located between the west Tehran (near Hemmat Highway), standing at 435 m (1,427 ft) from base to the tip of the antenna. The head consists of a large pod with 12 floors, the roof of which is at 315 m (1,033 ft).

The tower is a part of a complex called International Trade and Convention Center of Tehran. The complex also includes a five-star hotel, a convention center, a world trade center, and an IT park.

Construction of the tower was started in 1997. The tower was officially opened on 20 February 2009.

Today Milad Tower is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran (and also Iran).

There are a lot of Facilities in Tower and it’s area: Dolphinarium, Cinema 4D, Resturants, Gift shops and…

You can buy souvenirs from shops inside and outside the tower and also eat Iranian and non Iranian foods in Milad Tower food court.

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Islam is the religion of kindness and its teachings emphasize strongly on this issue. One of these teachings is respectful reception of the guests. Islam condemns anyone who does not welcome the guests cordially. There is a famous proverb among Iranian that says a guest is loved by God. According to the trainings of this ethereal religion, guest has a special place among Iranian.( hotel tehran )

Iranian Hospitality

Hospitality, a moral character that Iranian are famous for, refers to the works done to provide relief and convenience for the guest. This feature has been an obvious trait of Iranian from many years ago even from ancient time.

So, if you have decided to travel to Iran, you can travel with peace of mind. Wherever you arrive, from large cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Yazd to small villages, remote areas and even in the heart of desert, sure you will receive a warm welcome from Iranian. Contrary to the negative images portrayed by the media against Iran, Iranian like foreigners very much and welcome them kindly. This trait does not related at all to their economic status. In any economic situation, they try their utmost to provide comfort for you and help you in your affairs. They may invite you for a cup of tea, a meal or even bid you to stay at their house for a couple of days instead of hotel. They never want anything in return. They just like to show the real image of Iran and Iranian to the world. They want to demonstrate world that they are not spleenful and violent as media shows.

Iranians enjoy talking to foreigners. A thing that you should know is that, they are curious to know your opinion regarding western countries' policy towards Iran. Usually youths like to start conversation with you about the political and economic status of your country and also your lifestyle. So, don't worry about these questions and just answer them kindly. Sure at the end you will leave Iran with sweet memories and never forget their warm reception.

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Kebabs have more variety than you might think. First, there’s koobideh, ground meat seasoned with minced onion, salt and pepper. It sounds simple, but the taste is sublime. There is kebab-e barg, thinly sliced lamb or beef, flavored with lemon juice and onion and basted with saffron and butter. Chicken kebab, known as joojeh, is traditionally made from a whole chicken, bones and all, for more flavor (although in American restaurants it’s often made from skinless chicken breast), marinated in lemon and onion, and basted with saffron and butter. If you’re lucky, you’ll find jigar, lamb liver kebab, garnished with fresh basil leaves and a wedge of lemon. (Hotel Tehran)

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Dotted with brightly colored dried fruit and nuts, like little jewels, this is a sweet-and-savory dish that shows off some of the native ingredients of Iran, including pistachios, almonds, candied orange peel, barberries, carrots and saffron. It’s cooked with a little sugar to balance the sourness of the barberries. Jeweled rice is served for special occasions, particularly at weddings, because the sweet elements symbolize a sweet life. It’s traditionally served with chicken, which contrasts nicely with the sweetness. (Hotel Iran

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A richly textured soup full of noodles, beans, herbs and leafy greens like spinach and beet leaves. It’s topped with mint oil, crunchy fried onions and sour Kashk, a fermented whey product eaten in the Middle East that tastes akin to sour yogurt. The noodles, which made their way to Iran from China, are thought to represent the many paths of life, and this soup is traditionally served when someone sets off on a long journey. Because of its auspicious ingredients, it’s also part of the menu for Norooz, the Persian new year, which occurs at the spring equinox in March. (Iran Hotel)

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If Navroz is the Persian equivalent of Easter, Chaharshanbeh Souri, in many ways is the equivalent of Halloween. The event is celebrated on the eve of Navroz.

Chahar-Shanbeh means Wednesday and Souri means both 'Red' and 'Celebration'. In this “red celebration” which takes place on the last Wednesday of the solar calendar, people go out and make bush fires and keep them burning till the next morning. This is symbolic of burning all that was bad…pain, unhappiness, sickness and worry and looking forward to a new beginning.(hotel iran)

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